Charthana Religious Site – Historic Hemadpanti Temples

Maharashtra has a great tradition of saints and mahants. Marathwada is also a religious and historical land. Charthana located in Jintur taluka of Parbhani district has many ancient temples. This temple with Hemadpanti structure is crowded with devotees throughout the year. In today’s article we will learn about Neminath Jain Temple, Nimgiri Sansthan, Yeldari Project along with the temples of Charthana.

Charthana is a religious place in Jintur taluka. Charukshetra (Charthana) with Shiva temple is a village with rich historical religious and devotional heritage in Marathwada situated by Hemadpanti temple. In Charukshetra town (Charthana) the important places are Hemadpanti Shiva Mandir, Gokuleshwar, Kashivisweshwar, Sri Nrisimhatirtha Temple, Ashtakoni Barav with stone construction, Jhulta Manora.

Sri Nrisimhatirtha Shiva Mandir : Nrisimhatirtha Temple is situated on the bank of river Charushayana in the west of the village. This temple is facing east and a ghat of stone steps was built in front of the temple by the river. The ruins of the ghat still remain today. After climbing up from the ghat, there is a grand Nrisimhatirtha temple with a spacious avar (premises) in front.

Structure of Hemadpanti Temple: The structure of the temple is like sabhamandap in front, space next, then gabhara. It is also known as Sola Khambi Nrisimha Temple as the auditorium is on 16 pillars. Although the name of this temple is Nrisimhatirtha, there is a Shivalinga installed in the core. An inscription is carved on a stone pillar on the northern side of the auditorium of this Narasimha temple. The river bed in front of the temple has deep depressions in some places and in them the archaeologists find ancient coins on rare occasions.

Gokuleshwar Temple : To the east of the tower is a palace with high mud walls. However, this is not a palace but a grand Shiva temple. This Shiva temple is the village deity of Charthankar. Like other temples, it also has an assembly hall, then antarala and finally a gabhara. This temple is facing west and there are gateways to its north and south. There are stone meetings on both sides of the western river.

Charthana is situated at a distance of 20 km from Jintur and 62 km from Parbhani. So Selu is the nearest railway station. Charthana is situated at a distance of 20 km from Selu. Selu Railway Station is on the Nanded-Aurangabad Railway. Also, Charthana is situated at a distance of 130 km from Nanded Airport.

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