Mankeshwar Temple

Amazing sculptural innovation at Mankeshwar temple –

Mankeshwar is an ancient Shiva temple in Bhum taluka of Osmanabad district. – The temple is beautifully carved. – Various works of art in the architecture attract attention. – In the deep part of the temple there is a big body of Mahadev. – In front of the temple is the Nandimandap which has a large sized Nandi. – It is speculated that the temple was constructed during the Chalukya period.

Five fingers of one’s hand are enough to count the temples of Maharashtra which are studded with ancient fine sculptures. Shiva temple of Ambernath Badlapur, Kopeshwar temple of Khidrapur, Nagnath temple of Aundha, Anvya temple and the fifth name is Mankeshwar temple (T.Paranda dist.Osmanabad). Sculpture. And the second is their antiquity.

The Mankeshwar temple dates back to the twelfth century. On the Aurangabad Osmanabad road from Kunthalgiri, take the right hand road and a fine road passes through the hills. A scenic area with hills and green lakes. After taking this road to Bhum, Mankeshwar village is 11 km south from there. The temple has been constructed at a picturesque location on the crescent bend of Vishwakarma river.

Address : Mankeshwar Mandir, Mankeshwar, T.Bhum. Dist.Osmanabad-413504
Tambewadi or Vangi Budruk

It is about 55 km from Osmanabad and about 19 km from Bhum. Vehicle arrangements can be made from there.

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