Yeldari Dam

Yeldari dam has solved the water problem of Hingoli district along with the cities of Parbhani, Jintur, Vasmat. Everything of the twin districts of Parbhani and Hingoli depends on this dam! The Yeldari Dam is built on the Purna River. Purna is a major tributary of Godavari itself. It is 15 km from Jintur and 57 km from Parbhani. The dam has been constructed near Yeldari village in Jintur taluka and is located northwest of Hingoli on the Hingoli-Jintur route.

Yeldari Dam was intended to provide water for agriculture and generate electricity, but now many towns in Parbhani and Hingoli depend on the dam for drinking water. When Khadakpurna Dam upstream of Yeldari is full, water is released into Yeldari Dam. Therefore, Parbhanikar’s eyes are always on whether the rock dam is filled or not. The construction of Yeldari Dam was started in 1958. It took 1968 to complete this dam. The total construction took ten years.

  • – The construction of a large park for tourists at a cost of 2 crore 99 lakh rupees is going on near the dam. – Tourists with children come to visit this park. – There are various materials in the park like toys, animal statues.
  • – There is no good accommodation in Yeldari Dam area.
  • – There are small hotels for food. Non-vegetarian food is available there.

From the main town to Yeldari Dam, Parbhani-Phalegaon State Road no. 217 is It is 15 km east of Jintur city.

Address : Yeldari Project No. Jintur, District Parbhani – 431509

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