Sant Janabai Temple

Gangakhed is a taluka in Parbhani district of the Indian state of Maharashtra. This village is situated on the banks of river Godavari. Situated on the banks of river Godavari, Gangakhed taluka is famous as the birthplace of Saint Janabai. This is the temple of Sant Janabai at Gangakhed. Also, there are many small and big temples on the banks of Godavari river in this village. In this village with ancient history, ruins of many old houses and palaces can be found. Many of the house structures in the area along the Godavari River are old fashioned and made of stone. As Gangakhed expanded. In this way, many new constructions have started in this village and new settlements have been created.

Gangakhed taluka is located on the river Godavari in Parbhani district of Maharashtra state. Sant Janabai College is here. This taluka is 35 km from Parli. is at a distance. This is a big temple of Manmath Swamy at Gangakhed. Gangakhed village is also known as Dakshin Kashi.

Gyanu Mama’s Kalam of Gangakhed town is famous all over Maharashtra. People here prefer kalam sweets more than any other sweets for any event. Monday market is held in Gangakhed, in this weekly market different types of shops are arranged. Also most of the village people of the taluka gather at Gangakhed for the weekly market, thus Gangakhed town and market has become prosperous.

There is a train or bus service from Parbhani to Gangakhed town.

Address : Sri Sant Janabai Mandir, Gangakhed Tt. Gangakhed, Dist. Parbhani
Temple situated on the banks of Godavari

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