Jambhul Bet – Purple Island

Truly the alchemy of nature is heavy….
The only island in Marathwada… Jambhul Island

Jambhul Island is a scenic place situated in the middle of Godavari River basin and has water on all sides. To reach Jambhul Island, you have to go by boat. It is a scenic place in Parbhani district. There is an inexhaustible rush of tourists from all over the state to experience the wonderful creations of nature on this island.

“The trees on the island have not been planted by anyone before but they have come naturally through the spread of seeds by animals and birds. Since the island has water on all sides, the temperature of this place is uniform and the atmosphere is pleasant and invigorating. So if we spend time in such an environment, we get a positive energy. This island is also important in terms of biodiversity.

Surrounded by nature, this island has an ancient temple of Maruti right in the center surrounded by purple trees and flocks of peacocks and other birds.

Vehicles available from Palam.

Address : Jambhul Bet, Htt. Palam, Dist. Parbhani – 431720

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