Nanded Fort (Nandagiri Fort)

Nanded is an ancient city situated on the banks of river Godavari. The city had a fort called Nandagiri on the north bank of the river Godavari. Today only a few remains of the fort remain. Although the rest of the fort is under the possession of the Archaeological Department, the Nanded Municipal Corporation has built two water tanks and bungalows on it and swallowed up the rest of the fort. Pushkarni on the fort has been wrongly renovated.

The ruins of the fort can be seen in 10-15 minutes along the banks of the Godavari in Arab Gali in the old part of Nanded city.

History :
This city known in history as Nandithat, Nandinagar, Nandigram, etc. was built by a king of Nanda dynasty. Paithan was the capital of the Nand dynasty in South India, while Nandahar and Navnanddera were the sub-capitals. The present name Nanded was popularized after the corruption of this name Navnanddera. Since Nanded was the vice-capital and trading center, the city would have been fortified for protection at that time. Nanded was a city fort. Nanded city was a big Buddhist temple during the 7th century. It is mentioned in the inscription on the Stupa of Sanchi. After Vakataka, Chalukya, Rashtrakuta and Ganga period, Nanded was famous as a famous educational center and a glorious city. Later Bahmanis, Mughals and then Nizams had this fort till independence.

Places to see:
The Bhuikot fort had two ramparts. There were 24 towers in total. Out of them 14 towers were in the outer fortifications and 10 towers were in the inner fortifications. Among them, 3 towers and fortifications of the fort are visible from outside. Nanded Municipal Corporation has constructed two water tanks at the same place. Going towards those tanks, we enter the present ruins of the fort. At this place, a plaque giving information about the fort is installed beside the water tanks. Further on is a 15 feet long, 12 feet wide and 10 feet deep Pushkarni. Next to Pushkarni are the ruins of some recent structures. There is a tower on the bank of the river as you continue on the left side past the ruins. An umbrella is tied on it. It must have been designed to protect the watchmen from the tower from the rain. There are 8 towers left in the fortifications of the fort.

Access :
Nandegiri Fort of Nanded is located in Arab Gali in Nanded city. Nanded city is connected to the country by road and rail. ST as well as private buses ply from all important cities of Maharashtra. To reach Nanded from Mumbai, Nandigram, Devagiri Express should reach Nanded. From Nanded one can take a rickshaw to reach the fort in Arab Galli.

Accommodation :
There is no accommodation at the fort. There are many hotels in Nanded village.

Food facility :
There is no food facility at the fort. There are many hotels in Nanded village.

Water facility :
There is no potable water at the fort.

Best Period to Go :
Throughout the year

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