Sri Yedeshwari Devi Temple

The idol of Yedeshwari Devi is believed to have been established during the Traita Yuga. – The temple is situated at a height of approximately 350 to 400 feet in the Balaghat hill range. – There are 204 steps to reach the temple. – After climbing the first fifty steps, there is a tall lamp in front. – There is a rampart on all sides of the temple. – There are arches in north, south and west direction for entry. – The temple is built in Hemadpanthi architectural style. – 101 stone pillars and stone slabs have been used in the construction of the temple. – At a distance of about 500 meters from the temple is Datta Kallol for bathing of the Goddess.

The goddess of Yermala in Kalamba taluka known as the younger sister of Kulaswamini Srituljabhavani of Maharashtra. When Lord Ramachandra went into exile, Goddess Parvati tried to seduce him by taking the form of Sita to tempt him. Then Rama called Parvati ‘you are crazy’. A legend is told in connection with this goddess that since then the goddess stayed at the same place and became Yedai alias Yedeshwari. Devi’s yatra is performed twice a year. Devotees from Maharashtra and other states come in large numbers for the Chaitra Purnima Yatra. Yedeshwari’s Shravani Yatra also takes place on Shravani Poornima. Yedeshwari carries out the main program of lime picking of the Yatra in the presence of numerous devotees. It has long been believed that limestone appears when the palanquin of the goddess arrives in this land, which is fertile for twelve months. After that, Rashi is done with crushed lime stone. After returning the palanquin to the temple, this limestone is burnt and the temple is painted with lime. During this period, offerings of loaves, breads, honeycombs, anvil etc. prepared from the new grain of the Rabi season are shown to the goddess. Even during Navratri, the Goddess is celebrated with great joy from Dussehra festival to Purnima. The people of Yermala and other devotees consider Yedeshwari as an awakened deity.

Yermala is on the Aurangabad-Solapur Dhule highway. There is public transport to the bus stand. From there you have to go to the temple by private vehicle. Yedeshwari Devi Temple is 25 km from Osmanabad and Tuljabhawani Devi Temple is 55 km from Osmanabad. There are no buses to the temple. You have to come by private vehicle. Yedeshwari temple at Yermala is at a distance of 25 km from Kalamba and Barshi.

Address : Yedeshwari Mandir Yermala, Tt. Kalamba, Dist. Osmanabad
25 kilometers from Osmanabad

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