Siddhartha Garden and Zoo

One of Aurangabad’s tourist attractions that promises to make an ordinary day enjoyable, Siddharth Garden and Zoo is an ideal place to visit with the family. It is a landscaped garden with a variety of flowering plants and trees, an aquarium, and more than the usual gardens, a zoo – all in all, a favorite weekend spot for locals.

The garden provides plenty of space for relaxation with a peaceful atmosphere, the zoo has some exotic species on display, from tigers and elephants to crocodiles and snakes. So, whether you want to take your kids out to educate them about wildlife or you’re looking for a beautiful place for a family outing, this park and zoo should fit the bill.

3 km from Aurangabad Railway Station and 4 km from Bibi Ka Maqbara, Siddharth Garden is a sprawling garden, park and zoo at Samarth Nagar in Aurangabad city. It is a popular picnic spot in Aurangabad and is crowded in the evenings especially on weekends.

Siddharth Garden is a landscaped garden spread over a large area and has a green outlook. The garden has 2 parts – one is a lawned garden and the other is a small zoo. The garden also houses a small aquarium, but the major tourist attraction is the Siddhartha Garden Zoo. The zoo is home to many wild animals like tigers, lions, leopards, civet cats, snakes (snake house), crocodiles, emu, foxes, deer, hyenas etc. It was a very enjoyable visit with the kids. A musical fountain and a Buddha statue also adorn the park.

  • Venue: Central Bus Stand Road, Mhada, Aurangabad
  • Time: 9 AM to 7 PM
  • Entrance Fee: Garden: Rs 20 per person; Zoo – Rs.50 per person

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