Sahasrakunda Falls

Sahasrakund waterfall is one of the waterfalls in Nanded district.

Panganga river flows through Yavatmal district. It originates in Buldhana district and further joins Wardha river. Sahasrarkund falls on Panganga river in Umarkhed taluk. Approximately 100 km from Nanded. This remote waterfall is 5 km from ‘Islapur Pati’ on the Nanded-Kinwat road, and about 50 km from Kinwat.

The river flow is divided by a large rock, so the water falls into two separate streams. It is the largest waterfall in the recent course of the river. This waterfall on the Panganga river that divides Marathwada and Vidarbha is truly picturesque. Falling from a height of approximately 30-40 feet, this waterfall takes on its true splendor during the months of August-September. This breathtaking waterfall shows its different form every time. From the Marathwada side of the Panganga, a single waterfall gushes out a deluge of milk. .This waterfall can be seen from 15-20 feet. Although it is dangerous to get too close because of the algae on the rock, if you take care, you will not even know that you are getting wet while sitting on the rock. But from the Vidarbha side of the river, 4-5 amazing waterfalls can be seen. To reach that side one has to enter from Bittergaon on Umarkhed-Kinwat road. Although there is a small garden near the waterfall, the necessary facilities for tourists are not available here, so this waterfall has remained neglected despite the very picturesque and beautiful surroundings.

Other Tourist Places
If you take a two-day drive, you can see Renuka Mata Darshan, Datta Shikhar, Anasuya Mata Temple and the surrounding green hills and valleys at nearby Mahur. A garden has been created for tourists on the banks of Sahasrakud Falls. Different colored butterflies are enticing the tourists in the garden. There is a temple of Panchmukhi Mahadev near the waterfall.

One can reach here from Nanded by private vehicle and corporation buses. The distance from Nanded is about 75 km.

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