Shri. Nipatniranjan

He was sant poet and was born in a Gaud Brahmin clan of Chizhautia caste in Chanderi village of Bundelkhand. From childhood, he had religious rituals in his mind. Sant Dadu Dayal’s bhajans are sung with passion. Around the year 1663, he came to Aurangabad via Barhanpur along with his old mother and started living there. He had a small business of making armor etc near Eknath Mandir in Aurangpura. But he was disappointed due to the failure of the business. When the old mother died, they could not even give her a proper funeral due to poverty. He became a complete Bairagi by applying the ashes of his mother’s pyre on his body.

His time began to pass in meditation and yoga practice. After a few days, he met Dattadarshan in the garden of the monastery. He took Gurupadesh on Devgiri from a saint named Charpatnath. He attained Ashta Mahasiddhi. Aurangzeb himself was also influenced by the power of this Yogi Purusha.

Some of his verses and couplets are famous. 

Nipat Baba was familiar with the saint tradition of Maharashtra as well as the Sufi tradition and used to have close meetings with other saints. The saint poet Mahipati also described Nipat Niranjan in his devotee Lilamrita. There is also a legend that Nipat and Niranjan were a pair of Guru Shishyas and their names are taken from the same.

Nipat Niranjana’s writings were in alignment with the Nath tradition and mostly he composed them in Hindi. It is not known how many books of his are available.

Nipat Niranjan’s temple is in Aurangabad

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