Shri Dakshayani Devi Temple

A grand temple of Dakshayani Devi is situated on the banks of Shivana River in the village of Lasur in Aurangabad. This goddess is the adorable deity of Lasur village and village deity of Vaijapur taluka. Goddess Dakshayani is the daughter of King Daksha, with a pleasing image, attractive electric lighting, a silver cap on her head and jewels all over her body. This is the only goddess in the country whose Peetha is not found anywhere other than this village. Therefore, devotees from all over the country flock to see the goddess.

Legend of Dakshayani Devi
There is a legend of the appearance of this goddess in the village of Lasur. After being insulted by her parents, Dakshayani Devi jumped into the Putrakameshti Yagya. After that, Shankara broke the jata and performed Tandav and the goddess appeared again in Lasur village. But time changed and the form of the temple also changed. There is a dipmal in front of the temple of the goddess. The tiger images carved on it attract our attention. A beautiful lotus carved on the ceiling in the center of the temple, the carvings on the temple are handsome and beautiful. Therefore, a different kind of happiness can be experienced here. This temple with one main kalas and three sub kalas can be seen from every corner of the village.
The shops of sarees, flower garlands and other materials to offer to the goddess attract our attention on the street of the temple. 30 years ago this temple was maintained by Tehsil office. Now the villages maintain the temple. There is a large assembly hall in front of the temple. As there is a legend that the goddess jumped into the Putrakameshti Yagya, this Yagya is always lit. It is said that when the embers of this yagya are applied to the forehead, the sakadas offered to the goddess are fulfilled. So this temple is always full of devotees.
Another feature of this temple is that there is an idol of a tiger in front of the idol of the goddess. This idol is carved in a block of stone. There is also an idol of a turtle on the side. Special arrangements have been made for the darshan of devotees during rush hours.
Twice a year a big festival is held in the village. During April-May, there is a big yatra and during Navratri, the temple is crowded with devotees for nine days. Dakshayani’s blessing for brides in Vaijapur taluka is a custom during the wedding ceremony itself. Village brides start their happy life with the blessings of Goddess. This is a different form of this village deity.

Lasur can be reached from Aurangabad by train, bus and private vehicle. This is Srikshetra at a distance of forty kilometers from Aurangabad. For this, come to Lasur station. The temple is three kilometers from there. Vaijapur, Gangapur are thirty kilometers away, Verul, Khultabad, religious and sightseeing places are thirty-thirtyfive kilometers away. Officials of the institute take the initiative in providing facilities

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